why it it called a jigger »

why it it called a jigger

podcast 242 I talk about being a bad nieghbor, the biggest jerk on the world..why is it called a jigger.

girl spend night in jail over water »

girl spend night in jail over water

podcast 241 i talk about my run in with the cops, and a girl who was arrested for buying water.

rush limberger saves lives »

rush limberger saves lives

podcast 240 i talk about awkward moments with my kids, how rush Limbaugh saves lives, ghosts, and peepholes,

The king is born..Who cares? »

The king is born..Who cares?

podcast 239 I talk about Weiner, and the birth of the king..also people who are dicks.

congress hotel »

congress hotel

podcast 238 i give a review of the congress hotel in Chicago, i talk about organ donors, my serial killer cat

warrior dash »

warrior dash

podcast 237 I talk about hosting warrior dash, almost dying in a car accident, guys wearing sandals, a lost cat.

for the hard core fans only »

for the hard core fans only

podcast two hundred and im not sure 2 I reveal something that is just for my hard core fans. and then some light stuff too.

chic-fil-a anti gay »

chic-fil-a  anti gay

podcast 235 I talk about my kids, cats, and chic- fil-a

Overnight drop box »

Overnight drop box

podcast 234 I talk about video store drop boxes, roasted marshmallows, why beans should start an advertising campaign, and suicide ants.

teapot looks like Hitler »

teapot looks like Hitler

podcast 233 I discuss the JcPenny teapot that looks like Hitler, older men with younger women, and other dumb stuff im sure


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