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David Dravenack grew up in the frigid city of Bolingbrook, Illinois and hopes that one day his own fame can bring back glory to a town shattered by Drew Peterson’s slippery bathtubs, and disappearing wives. David started his comedy career at 15 years old as a cartoonist, which earned him a full page expose in the Bolingbrook sun . David knew he had “it” when, in a game of “Make Me Laugh” he made his cousin laugh so hard , that snot flew out of his nose. Having a high SPM (snots per minute) ratio, he moved on to study improvisation and sketch comedy at The Second City, Improv Olympic, and The Annoyance Theater . Eventually he tried stand up comedy and has never looked back. He has almost 20 years comedy experience, which makes his comedy not only funny, but thought provoking. David ‘s prolific writing keeps audiences coming back for more, and his improvised stand up segment , based on audience suggestion, is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser .

“ David Dravenack’s comedic physical abilities are used wonderfully “- Beverly Hills Outlook

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